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$808.00 ex GST


Warranty — Domestic Use: 12 Months
Spare Parts and Labour: 12 Months

Size and Dimensions

Height: 790 mm | Width: 470 mm| Length:
610 mm | Vanity Kick: 140 mm


• Measure the width of the vanity and identify whether it is freestanding or hob-mounted
• To install only like-for-like single vanity basin and existing tapware
NOTE: This does not include supply of tapware, isolation valves or P+W. However, does include
new waste piping
• To remove all rubbish to client/tenant’s bin only
• To test thoroughly and provide before and after photo’s

Additional Extras

• NOTE: Whilst we take the utmost care in removing the existing vanity such things as tiles, flooring, plaster,
brickwork and paint etc. may be brittle and extras maybe incurred for any patching that potentially may be
required on completion.
• To supply and install basin set/basin mixer add an extra $150+
• To supply and install Base P+W add an extra $50+
• To supply and install 2 x standard mini-stops add an extra $50+
• NOTE: NO DRAWERS — $50+ to add 3x drawers

Want To Bring Your Own

  • To change over like-for-like client supplied vanity unit = $500
    NOTE: Notes: Some situations require a custom made vanity, if this is required it will be quoted on a case by case senario

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