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$1,045.00 ex GST


Heat Exchanger Warranty: 10 Years
Spare Parts and Labour: 3 Years

Size and Dimensions


• Hot Water Lagging
• Includes original fault finding visit up to 30 mins only (same visit)
• Manometer test houses gas line
NOTE: If a gas leak is present, entire job will be charged at time & materials
• To commission and submit compliance paperwork to local authority

Additional extras

• If a valve kit is required on any of the above units add an extra $100+
• NOTE: 50-degree models to be used only unless otherwise requested. If 60-degree model requested a
tempering valve must be installed and $100 will be added.
If it is a 100% like-for-like change-over no tempering valve is required
• If pipe works alterations are required a MINIMUM of $50+ should be added to cover costs
• If a controller is required add an extra $100+ per controller (install only) within 10m of HWS
• To upgrade gas to 20mm within a 5m straight run of existing gas point or meter box add an extra $250+
• If a weatherproof power point (GPO) is required add an extra $220+ (single story house only)
• If the unit requires a ladder to install, then a second person will be required and $100+gst will be added

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