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Chef 54cm NG Upright Cooker

$1,045.00 ex GST

Other Features

Oven Type : Upright Oven/Stove
Control type : Control knob


• Manometer test consumer gas line
NOTE: If a gas leak is present, entire job will be charged at time & materials
• Disconnect existing gas appliance
• Install and connect new gas appliance including installation of regulator provided with gas appliance
• Adjust legs to ensure upright stove is level and finished height is 10mm above bench-top height for compliance
• Test gas appliance and instruct client how to operate
• Clean up any job-related rubbish/debris to client/tenant’s bin only
• Submit compliance paperwork to local gas authority
• Remove all rubbish to tenant/clients bin only

Additional Extras

• Removal of uprights from site $60+
• If the existing gas line penetrates the wall higher than the new appliance inlet connection, a shepherd’s hook is required and an extra $50+ will be added
• If the existing connection is coming from coming from the floor and additional work is required to recess the gas line OR to slightly re-run the gas line, extras will be quoted onsite prior to commencing
• Supply and install single 10-amp power point for gas appliance ignition (if no safety switch installed at electrical switch board, it is against regulations to have a new power point installed). Subject to electrical inspection
• Removal of uprights from site = $60+

Want to bring your own?

• To change over like-for-like client supplied all gas upright stove = $250+gst

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